Whites Bayou

Class VI

The Whites Bayou Sequestration Site is being developed to permanently sequester anthropogenic CO2 in a secure geologic storage interval, with CO2 sourced from various emitters in the region. BKVerde is in conversations with industrial emitters within a 50-mile (mi) radius of the Whites Bayou Sequestration Site.

This permit application is for drilling, completing, operating, and monitoring one Class VI CCS well, Luz Solar No. 1, located in Liberty County. Luz Solar No. 1 is designed to inject 0.5 MMT/yr of CO2 with the goal of permanently sequestering more than 6.0 MMT/yr of CO2 during the life of the well.

  • Key data:
    Liberty, TX
  • Partners:
    BKVerde LLC, BKV dCarbon Ventures, BKVerde Whites Bayou LLC
  • CO2 sources:
  • Number of wells: 1
  • Injection rate [MMt / yr]: 0.5
  • Lease area [acre]: login
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