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To effectively study carbon sequestration, a multi-dimensional approach is crucial. Each location has unique challenges and advantages, like nearby infrastructure or land ownership. It's important to examine public hearings and monitoring approaches by different companies. Our spatial database provides solutions for these factors.

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We'll find the wells from various sources, so you can access our database and focus on your essential task: Your Class VI application.

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We provide full text search for EPA Class VI application documents, scanning and offering them to our premium users.

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Through the mapping interface you can find projects in the same area and compare their approach to injection rate, midstream commitments, etc.

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How it works

We have created automated monitoring agents that look for updates on key sites about official Class VI applications. When there are updates we incorporate the information into our database. If there is insufficient information we research the context of the project and provide key findings in the same framework.

The map is just the start
All Class VI and Class II data in one place

The diagram shows an outline of the structured information that can be accessed. Not all projects will have all the information, but we try to be comprehensive and extract what is available from official documents and announcements.

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How to search documents

A brief tutorial on searching across a collection of Class VI documents.

Find Core Analysis documentation

Shows how to find Core Analysis data across a collection of PDF documents.

Add ccusmap data to ArcGIS Online

Here we show how to connect our API to your ArcGIS project.

How you can access news

News are a big part of the app. See what you can expect and where to find it.

How to measure distances

Our maps allow you to measure distances for studying projects in their local context.

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