Venture Global CCS Cameron

Class VI

Venture Global LNG is set to undertake a carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) project at its Calcasieu Pass and CP2 LNG facilities. The initiative, pending regulatory approvals, involves capturing an estimated 500,000 tons of carbon annually from Calcasieu Pass, and an additional 500,000 tons from the CP2 LNG facility once permitted. In total, Venture Global plans to sequester 1 million tons of carbon each year. The project follows a thorough engineering and geotechnical analysis and aims to compress CO2 at the sites before transporting and injecting it deep into subsurface saline aquifers for permanent storage, significantly contributing to emissions reduction in the LNG sector.

  • Key data:
    Cameron, LA
  • Partners:
    Venture Global CCS Cameron LLC, Venture Global LNG
  • CO2 sources:
    Calcasieu Pass and Plaquemines LNG facilities
  • Number of wells: 1
  • Injection rate [MMt / yr]: 1.0
  • Lease area [acre]: login
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