TB Leingang (Summit Carbon Storage 1)

Class VI

Summit Carbon Solutions, through its subsidiary SCS Carbon Transport LLC, plans to build, own, and operate the Midwest Carbon Express (MCE) pipeline. This pipeline will gather carbon dioxide from over 30 sources, including ethanol facilities and other industries across the Midwest. It will transport up to 18 million metric tons per year to storage facilities in North Dakota's Mercer, Morton, and Oliver Counties, near Beulah.

The TB Leingang storage facility is designed to receive a maximum of 124.4 million metric tons over a 20-year injection period, averaging about 6.22 million metric tons annually. Across all three storage facilities, the maximum modeled storage volume is 325 million metric tons over 20 years.

Please note from the North Dakota DMR website:

"The permitting process in North Dakota is different from the federal permitting process.

In North Dakota a storage facility permit (SFP) is approved first, by signed Industrial Commission orders, which authorize the creation of the storage facility area, the amalgamation of pore space, and financial responsibility requirements. These orders do not authorize injection into the storage facility area. The storage facility operator must still apply for a Class VI well permit once they have an approved SFP. Upon completion and testing of the well they are granted authorization to inject into the well by an approved NorthSTAR sundry."

  • Key data:
    Oliver, ND
  • Partners:
    Summit Carbon Solutions #1 LLC, SCS Permanent Carbon Storage LLC, Summit Carbon Solutions LLC
  • CO2 sources:
    ethanol plants along the planned Summit CO2 pipeline
  • Number of wells: 2
  • Injection rate [MMt / yr]: 6.22
  • Lease area [acre]: login
  • Submission date:
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