Evergreen Sequestration Hub

Class VI

Trace Carbon Solutions and Molpus Woodlands Group have signed a servitude agreement to establish the Evergreen Sequestration Hub on approximately 20,000 acres in Louisiana. The project aims to permanently sequester industrial carbon dioxide (CO2) in underground geologic formations, while Molpus will sustainably manage the aboveground acreage as a working forest. The Evergreen Hub will be strategically located near significant industrial emissions sources in Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas, with an estimated total sequestration capacity of over 250 million metric tons of CO2. This project supports Trace's goal to develop low-cost carbon capture, transportation, and sequestration (CCS) assets across North America.

  • Key data:
    Calcasieu, Beauregard, LA
  • Partners:
    Evergreen Sequestration Hub LLC, Trace Carbon Solutions LLC, Molpus Woodlands Group
  • CO2 sources:
    multiple industrial
  • Number of wells: 2
  • Injection rate [MMt / yr]: 2.0
  • Lease area [acre]: login
  • Submission date:
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