Project ECO2S Phase II

The CarbonSAFE Phase II: Storage Complex Feasibility project, known as "Project ECO2S," has confirmed that the subsurface area adjacent to the Kemper County energy facility in Mississippi is capable of safely and permanently storing commercial-scale volumes of carbon dioxide (CO2). The project is spearheaded by the Southern States Energy Board (SSEB), with Mississippi Power Company (MPC) acting as the site host. Project ECO2S benefits from technical and field implementation support provided by Advanced Resources International (ARI) and receives analytical assistance from two national laboratories—Los Alamos and Lawrence Berkeley—along with contributions from various universities and other key stakeholders.

During the project, a 30,000-acre area of interest was delineated, and three new characterization wells were drilled. These efforts facilitated detailed geological analyses, characterization, and modeling of three prospective storage reservoirs. The findings from these activities have verified and validated the gigatonne-scale CO2 storage potential of the examined subsurface reservoirs, indicating their suitability for large-scale CO2 sequestration.

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    Southern States Energy Board (SSEB)
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